Friday, June 19, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, it's DSM-5!

Years in the making, years in the dreading, it's finally upon us: it's time for DSM-5. July 1, 2015 will forever live in memory as the day ASWB exams made the switch to the new DSM-5. Yes, there are controversies about the manual and its contents. Some practitioners are avoiding the new tome altogether and using ICD codes instead of DSM ones. For social work licensing exam takers, that's not an option. DSM-5 is here and it's on the exam and it's time to get it learned.

Happily, the web is on the case. Check out this Pinterest page for a raft of free DSM-5 explain-the-different-and-get-you-ready resources. A few favorites:

However overwhelming it may seem, trust this: you'll get it learned. Most of the 5 is the same or very similar to it's Roman-numeraled predecessor. The big changes are few and summed up in a single article like this one from PsychCentral.

Fear not. It's big, it's new, but it's really no big deal. Have fun with it and good luck on the exam!