Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free Study Guide?! Yes, Free Study Guide

You're getting ready to take the ASWB exam. You've gotten together your education, your internship hours. Next up, study materials. You see the price tags. You scream.

Social workers--especially social workers who haven't been out of school for long--don't tend to make giant salaries. So why are exam prep programs priced at $200, $300, $800+ dollars? Why does it cost money to get even the most basic information about what to expect on the exam?

Old answer: Because. New answer: Doesn't.

Check out SWTP's free (free?! free!) Study Guide for the Social Work Licensing Exam. It's a great place to launch your exam studies. The guide, a hefty-for-no-money 23 pages long, will help license-bound social workers get oriented. What's on the exam? How's it work? What are the questions like? Already-in-motion exam preppers will benefit from the guide's study tips, test anxiety help, free practice questions, and resource links.

You're not just getting ready to take the ASWB exam. You're getting ready to PASS it! Save the screams for screams of victory.

Congratulations in advance!

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