Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Behind the Scene Annoyances

Here are some logistical, helpful steps to re-applying for the California Law & Ethics exam.  What follows is a behind-the-scenes view of me completing those steps, aka a list of annoyances.

  • I got an unexpected notification that I had another piece of mail in my PO Box
  • Wondered if there was any possibility that the mail was from the BBS saying that there was a mistake and I did not in fact fail by one question.  Computer error maybe? 
  • Went to pick up the mail
  • Cursed Chase Bank when I realized they trolled me with junk mail once again
  • (Seriously, are they reading this blog?  And laughing?)

  • I paid for all of my online courses
  • …the day before NASW-CA sent out an email with the extra special 20% off coupon code
  • Felt frustrated by that, too

  • Went on a walk to the post office to mail my completed packet to BBS
  • Passed CA smog test car shops that promise “Pass or free retest”
  • Thought about the 3 courses I paid for plus the $100 check in the BBS envelope
  • Sighed longingly

  • Waited in a long line at the post office
  • Realized I was standing near an awesome actor in line
  • Made conversation with him about everything we have in common
  • Let him borrow my pen, asked for baby’s first picture with a celebrity in exchange
  • Took a picture
  • Realized I may have been the annoying one in this situation.  Sorry, Danny Pudi.

Danny Pudi, my lego-faced baby, and me (excited, not annoyed, right here).

Here’s how this is relevant: I find I can re-focus on test prep better after taking a little break and releasing my annoyances via a mini vent session.  Maybe you’ve had a test fail or frustrating experience and need a similar mental health break before restarting fresh.  Thanks for listening!  Now back to studying.

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