Monday, December 1, 2014

Building Blocks: NASW Standards of Practice

Feel like you've got your DSM and Code of Ethics down? Here's a building block of social work exam prep that isn't necessarily part of the foundation...but then, that's not what a building block always is. This one's one of the higher floors, one that you might not get to right away: the NASW Standards of Practice.

Over the years, the NASW has generated thousands of words about how best to go about being a social worker and packed them into this series of guideline brochures. Think about it this way: If you're setting out to write exam questions based in best practices, where do you turn? The Code first, of course. Maybe a textbook or two. But eventually, you're going to find yourself at these practice standards So, while knowing everything contained in each of the brochures just isn't going to happen for you, it's worth browsing around and filling in any big gaps in your social work knowledge. Just about everything gets covered. Here are the standards updated in 2013.
This is the very stuff that shows up over and over on the exam. So, if you have the time, dig in! Enjoy!

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