Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Helpful sites to help get ready for the social work exam

We're lucky, really. Lucky to have it made it this close to the goal of getting licensed. Lucky that it's not an oral exam anymore. (Ask someone older--that's how they used to do it! Yikes!) Lucky that the internet isn't a baby anymore. It's now a teenager, sometimes unruly, but extremely helpful if you know how to ask.

Here are a few places where social work exam guidance is easy:

Blogs. You're on one. Also check out Pass the ASWB Exam and the blogs listed on the sidebar there. Lots of people working to pass, already having passed, about to pass, all offering wisdom.

Podcasts. You don't always have to be reading and taking practice tests. Listening works too! Start with The Social Work Podcast and go from there.

Magazines. Back to reading now. Take a look at the "Eye on Ethics"' column in Social Work Today--all free, all online, all the kinds of stuff that shows up on the exam.

Wikipedia. A category unto itself. There's nothing like it. Psychology is as good a place as any to begin. The DSM's there. Pretty much everything you need to know is there. Take care--don't get lost!

And you're off!

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