Friday, May 29, 2015

Building Blocks: Pinterest?

If you're prepping for the social work exam on a budget (that's most license-bound people), you need to use every scrap of free help you can get. That's what elevates the hundreds of social work boards on Pinterest from sort-of helpful resource to Building Block (with capital Bs, no less!). Scattered across the Pinternet are lots of wildly helpful charts and such detailing a plethora of exam essentials. Then there are the links to sites including still more valuable (and often free) information. Then there're the Ryan Gosling "Hey, Girl" posts to keep you quickly entertained (no time for TV!). And, additionally, lots of inspirational "Keep Calm and Do Social Work" type of stuff. What's not to like?

Here are some accounts/boards/searches to get started with:

SWTP @ Pinterest; "Social Work Exam" @ Pinterest: ASWB Exam Prep (Group Board) @ Pinterest

Also try searching by the license you're after ("LCSW Exam," "LMSW Exam," and so forth). You'll soon be rolling in concise, visually rich explanations of, say, Erikson's stages. Or Piaget's. Or Freud's. Plus Freud icebergs (the unconscious is below water, get it?), and lots lots lots lots more. Enjoy! And go pass that exam already! You can do it! Good luck!

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