Friday, June 13, 2014

Let's Get Studying!

I’ve learned the basics of the social work licensing exam. Now I just need to jump in and get studying.

I am going to start an excel document to list all the topics that I study and also to create a list of the websites that I visit (well, the ones that are particularly helpful anyway). I think this will help me to remain organized. I will also be able to go back to those helpful websites to review material that I don’t really feel comfortable with.

It is going to be key for me to stay organized in my studying endeavors so that I don’t get overwhelmed or overdo it (or under-do it) on any particular topic.

I came across this interesting and seemingly helpful website that offers flashcards to use for studying for the social work licensing exam. The website is: I am going to go through these flashcards more thoroughly. At first glance, it looks like a great tool. These flashcards also offer helpful supplements to the flashcards, such as by giving you the option to memorize the flashcards, test yourself on the material, and even play games based on the flashcards.

Good luck on your studies

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